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According to a recent Deloitte human capital report, in 2020, the alternative workforce economy is expected to triple to 42 million workers in the United States. 45% of employers worldwide say that they are having trouble filling their open positions.

How fully are organizations capitalizing on the alternative workforce today? The Deloitte survey results suggest that many could be doing more. Only 8 percent of survey respondents, for instance, said that they had established processes to manage and develop alternative workforce sources. Companies are not strategically managing the alternative workforce. Because there is no strategy, many companies (54% in the finance function) are using alternative workers on a transactional basis and likely wasting time with on-boarding, off-boarding, retraining, etc.

This course will show finance professionals and their peers how to develop an alternative workforce strategy that will allow the company to be more optimized and nimbler. It will provide a practical roadmap that finance professionals can start implementing immediately. This content will provide companies with a practical roadmap that finance professionals can start implementing immediately to manage their workforce and gain a competitive advantage.

Why Attend?

  •  Distinguish between the different types of alternative workforce sources.
  • Recognize the business case for establishing an alternative workforce. 
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategies. 
  • Apply a global strategy for managing an alternative workforce.
  • Discuss relevance of alternative workforce to the finance team, the internal and external business drivers and risk and opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

Accounting and finance professionals that are looking to develop a strategic approach to their alternative workforce strategy.

This virtual seminar is being offered through our partnership with Midwest State CPA Societies.  Instructions for how to launch the course will follow.

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