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 This seminar will be held on OSCPA's virtual platform and will be led in real-time by a Surgent facilitator. To recreate the live experience, the speaker will keep the session engaging and interactive by using the chat feature and answering questions live

This 2-day course is the go-to for a broad spectrum of highlights regarding individual return preparation. We will cover the implications on individual clients of new tax legislation. We’ll also address this year’s key revenue rulings, procedures, and case law, with practical tips and insights to help you have your most successful season ever. 

Major Topics 

  • A tour of the most recent forms changes, starting from gross income and ending with alternative minimum tax (AMT) and selected credits including the latest IRS guidance on tax legislation
  • Individual tax issues – Review of important new practice issues and regulations 
  • Navigating the New Normal: COVID-19 legislation 
  • New tax credit due to reconciliation of Economic Impact Payments
  • New above-the-line (partial) deduction for charitable contributions 
  • New (Retroactive) Schedule 1 adjustment for excess deductions on termination 
  • Proposed regulations clarify the definition of a “Qualifying Relative” 
  • Retirement distributions, new rules in the SECURE Act, and new options in the CARES Act 
  • The TCJA made many changes in 2018, which may be open for amending in 2020 due to the CARES Act 
  • Increasing oversight of paid tax return preparers 
  • Hot, hidden, or miscellaneous developments affecting the upcoming tax season Advanced cases and practice issues 
  • Things your parents taught you? Sometimes Life Doesn’t Seem Fair. 
  • Housekeeping – I won the lottery…the audit lottery 
  • The numbers applicable to this year’s tax filings Impact of recent legislation and forms changes on the 1040 

Learning Objectives 

  • Maintain a broad understanding of the hot issues and changes in individual tax preparation 
  • Understand a “hodge-podge” of practice issues affecting preparers of individual tax returns 

Designed for 

All tax practitioners who need the latest information on tax changes affecting their individual clients

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