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2020 brought to light the importance of mental health and understanding in the workplace and beyond. Chris Ortega, a LinkedIn Top 10 Voice in Accounting, Finance & FPA, will present on how empathy can prompt more data drive decision-making for accounting and finance teams.

This session will offer a deeper view of workplace wellness from OSCPA’s Spring Advance program. Empathy is also pertinent when working in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

This webinar is for current and aspiring leaders who want to lead with empathy. You might not feel like a leader in your firm or company now, but you’d be surprised how much change you can make regardless of your title. You may also set yourself up for success by showing your ability to lead empathetically.

Register now for this exclusive content – complete with a welcome from OSCPA president and CEO, Scott Wiley and breakout session networking after Ortega’s presentation.

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