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Becoming a CPA is no small feat and celebrating the attainment of such a lofty goal is an absolute must! After the last fist bump (and perhaps a little happy dance), what comes next? Many dive headfirst into our technical development and miss out on the most rewarding part of being a CPA–choosing your own adventure! 

By allowing yourselves the opportunity to think about your CPA journey as an adventure, you can take advantage of exciting opportunities early in your career and create unique pathways to becoming the CPA hero of your own stories. Join us as we celebrate the beginning of your adventure and discover impactful insights you can leverage to craft the CPA journey of your dreams!

Join Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA, for this webinar on choosing your own CPA adventure. Everyone is encouraged to attend, and newly licensed CPAs can attend for free as a congratulations!

Interested in hearing more from Stevenson? She was recently a guest on OSCPA’s podcast, The State of Business. Listen to the episode now.

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