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Linking Risk Management to Strategy and Strategic Planning– integrating risk management into your strategic planning is essential for its success. However, as showed by the included surveys, only about 20% of companies have integrated their ERM activities into strategic planning. The material provides several surveys identifying top risks as described by executives. The uneven impact of Black Swan events (9/11, Great Recession and Covid-19)among industries and companies within industries is discussed. For example, in retail bricks and mortar firms suffered lost business, as companies with a strong e-commerce base grew during Covid-19. The changed role of financial professionals to help bring about a better understanding of the organization’s business model, as a means to add significant value is part of the over all discussion. The use of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool to reduce the number of measurements and focus on key metrics (KPIs) is demonstrated. By cascading linked measurements throughout the company risk management and overall strategy become part of every activity. Other techniques such as strategy mapping a reused in the discussion and in exercises. An executive summary of The State of Risk Oversight (2018), co-sponsored by AICPA and North Carolina State University, is included to aid the participants as they implement the process of linking ERM activities with strategic planning efforts.

Why Attend:

Recognize the importance of linking risk to strategic planning  

Identify the strategies to handle risks 

Recognize the expanding role of finance 

Recall how to incorporate risk management into strategic planning

Who Should Attend:

Practitioners of any level who play a risk management role"

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