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Are you unable to keep up with your client advisory leads or where you are in the sales process with potential or current clients? Many of us begin selling to prospective clients organically without a foundation in place to create a long-term advisory relationship and ensure that we are bringing in the right clients to our practice. The success of a new advisory client relationship starts from the discovery phase all the way through onboarding. In reality, the sales process never ends--it is an ongoing relationship that you grow over time to create a long lasting prosperous client relationship. Breaking down your sales process and setting up the right foundation can not only help you work with the clients you want, but also help you not take on clients that are not a good fit.  By setting up the right level of automation and back-end processes, you can generate more revenue with the clients you already know and love before bringing on one more new client.


Join Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA, CE of the B3 Method Institute as she explores the following key areas of becoming a successful advisor;


  •  Understand the collaborative selling model to create value for your potential clients and set yourself up for a successful long-term business relationship;
  •  Apply the 5 step Simple Sales Process so that you have a framework to create a sales strategy of your own from the Discovery to the Deepening Existing Client Relationships phase; and,
  • Develop a discovery process to truly get to know a potential prospect to not only give them the opportunity to learn about you, but also equally assess whether they are a good fit for your practice.

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