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Wish you had a tried-and-true roadmap to start or grow your client advisory services practice? Now you do! When you join The Client Advisory Services Roadmap – The Cherished Advisor Step-by-Step Program, Amy Vetter, CEO and Owner of The B3 Method Institute, will guide you in creating a 12-month strategic plan that will transform your practice and your life. 

This six-week program includes: 

  • Weekly live group discussion and virtual coaching sessions with Amy. 
  • 30 videos on the topics assigned each week to watch when it’s most convenient for you. 
  • 15.5 hours of CPE available. 
  • Downloadable pdf worksheets for each module to complete on your own, submit in advance, and discuss during weekly calls.
  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group to ask questions and share insights with each other. 

You will learn how to identify and develop your: 

Purpose: Define your personal purpose and align it with the mission of your practice. 

Customers: Pitch the value of your advisory services to the existing clients you love and learn how to gracefully break up with the ones you do not. 

Industries: Identify which industries you want to work with and how to specialize in their needs. 

Technology: Assess the right technology for your practice and re-engineer your operations to streamline processes and create new ways to collaborate. 

Pricing: Transform your pricing from hourly based to reflect the actual value you provide. •Sales: Confidently market and sell the value of your advisory services. 

People: Learn when to hire employees vs. contractors and other short and long-term considerations based on your firm’s stage of growth. 

Success: Determine your priorities and measurements for success. 

Roadmap: Create your own 12-month client advisory services roadmap that’s aligned with your purpose and passion. 

A Cherished Advisor goes beyond what is expected of a trusted advisor. Sure, we are implicitly trustworthy by virtue of our professional credentials. But a Cherished Advisor is someone our clients cannot imagine living without. 

A Cherished Advisor is: 

  • A valued business partner who is invited to the decision-making table when key business decisions are being made, not after the fact. 
  • A leader with the communication and analytical skills to tell the story behind the numbers to help clients make smart holistic business decisions. 
  • Not necessarily a natural “techie,” but someone who knows how to identify, and leverage the latest time-saving technology to help their clients grow and thrive. 
  • A self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset who knows how to quickly adapt to their clients’ business and industry needs. 
  • A highly valued strategic partner whom their business clients appreciate, highly value and can’t imagine not having on their team!

This course is being offered through OSCPA partnership with Amy Vetter and The B3 Method Institute. You will receive an email from Amy Vetter's team with course details closer to the workshop.

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