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With the explosion of technology in the workplace that has occurred over the past thirty years, a fair question to ask is “what are the ethical considerations and impacts related to this technology?” Practical technology issues such as data privacy and security no doubt carry ethical considerations, but technology also affects the ethics associated with issues such as work-life balance, the digital divide, training needs, copyrights, and fraud.

In this course, you will learn about “technoethics” and the implications this has on individuals and organizations. To that end, you will explore many of the current and emerging issues associated with ethics and technology, such as copyrights, cybercrimes, privacy versus security, and geo-tracking technologies. Given the deep implications associated with ethics and technology, this could be the most important session in which you will ever participate.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between ethics and morals  
  • Define technoethics and identify examples of business ethics issues and how they are affected by technology
  • Recognize the influence of technology on ethics requirements in Codes of Conduct 
  • List at least five examples of potential ethics issues associated with leading technologies today

Who should attend?

CPAs who desire a deeper understanding of key ethical issues facing the profession today

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