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Why is cybersecurity important? Organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are managing threats, and that they have effective processes and controls in place to prevent, detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from cybersecurity events. Cyber attacks can disrupt businesses, result in financial losses, destroy an organization's reputation. 

What is your role? You must be able to speak intelligently on the subject internally and externally. Learn the terminology and key considerations related to cybersecurity to collaborate with others in your organization or clients. Apply a security mindset to your daily work. Obtain an understanding of the potential risks and opportunities for your organization or client as they develop or evaluate their cybersecurity risk management program. 

What do we offer? Part 2 of this certificate program will cover several cybersecurity topics to help you acquire these skills and gain an understanding of the importance and impact of cybersecurity risks on your organization or firm, including an introduction to AICPA's cybersecurity risk management reporting framework. This knowledge is indispensable in today's global, digital landscape of persistent and increasing cybercrime. 

Why attend?

Part 2 of this 2-part certificate program will prepare you to recognize: 

  • Security framework(s) and applicable regulations for your organization or client
  • The importance of the AICPA cybersecurity risk management reporting framework
  • Controls to mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Financial and operational implications of cybersecurity.

Who should attend?

  • Finance professionals 
  • CFOs and business managers 
  • Controllers and internal auditors 
  • Management and public accountants
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