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Supply chain management — and the need to increase cost savings, reduce risk, and maintain a competitive edge   is at the core of achieving success in the global market. Challenges such as global pandemics and other disruptions can strain supply chains, necessitating constant strategic planning. Why is global supply chain management important? Today, more than ever before, supply chain management has become an integral part of business and is essential to any organization’s success and customer satisfaction. According to Logistics Bureau, businesses with optimal supply chains have 15% lower supply chain costs, less than 50% of the inventory holdings, and cash-to-cash cycles at least three times faster than those not focused on supply chain optimization. 

How does supply chain affect your role? You must be able to apply global supply chain interactions and understand how emerging technologies can reduce errors and increase productivity. Learn how ethical sourcing and sustainability are affecting compliance and how businesses stay competitive. Combine your finance background with supply chain logistics to help put your clients and customers first. 

How can this webcast help? This webcast will cover several supply chain topics in the global business environment. Detailed use cases include: - Supply chain comparison - Globalization - Local issues - Resource sharing - Financial considerations. Through these use cases, you will learn about the value of supply chain strategy and how to apply strategy in this ever-changing market.

Why attend?

  • Recall partners within a supply chain. 
  • Recognize types of supply chains. 
  • Identify risks and challenges within a supply chain. 
  • Identify supply chain information tools and their availability and relevance to accounting and finance professionals.
  • Recall common supply chain implementations and their effects on business strategy. 
  • Identify emerging technologies within a supply chain. 

Who should attend?

  • Accounting and finance professionals looking for information on global supply chains
  • Managers and decision makers exploring the global impacts of supply chain work flows
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