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Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the second part of a webcast series designed to breakdown the complexity of AI and give actionable steps to consider towards your AI journey. This webcast will relate business problems with an AI solution using specific examples and use cases to illustrate challenges, and pitfalls. Learn more about the Artificial Intelligence for Accounting and Finance Professionals webcast series and part one, Demystifying Artificial Intelligence. CPE credit hours are subject to final review and may increase. 

Key Topics are practical applications of enterprise AI, importance of a data-driven AI strategy, what is an AI strategy for the enterprise? Solving business problems with AI, considerations for an AI strategy, recognize a business case for AI and the, implications to consider. 

Why attend?

  • Recall current applications of AI
  • Recall the difference between AI applications and capabilities
  • Recall the importance of data in AI applications
  • Recognize how AI can be applied to a business problem
  • Identify necessary considerations when developing an AI strategy/plan
  • Recognize operational considerations when developing an AI strategy/plan
  • Recognize data management considerations when developing an AI strategy/plan
  • Recognize situational risks and ethical considerations when developing an AI strategy/plan
  • Given a scenario, identify a business case for AI and implications to be considered when developing a strategy/plan.

Who should attend?

  • Accounting and finance professionals, who have the need or desire to understand the steps in an AI journey and how it will impact the accounting and finance profession. 
  • Practitioners that serve or advise clients and would like to understand the impact of AI. 
  • Managers, decision makers and aspirational leaders looking to understand the steps to consider in their journey to AI.
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