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Enterprise Risk Management Toolkit – the participant is introduced to 17 risk assessment/management techniques and the roles they can fill in an enterprise risk management (ERM) system. The implementation of each of these techniques is demonstrated throughout the material. To be useful, they cannot be viewed as standalone activities, but must be integrated into the other elements of ERM. These tools can be employed for a variety of uses. For example, brainstorming and idea writing aid discussions to gather new ideas, while risk registers assist in identifying and evaluating risk. The techniques include: GAP analysis, Plus/Delta, value stream mapping, heat maps, process mapping, SWAT and PESTLE analysis, and more. The material provides, via examples and exercises, an environment to use/test each of the techniques introduced.

Why attend?

  • Distinguish between ISO, COSO, and generic enterprise risk management models  
  • Recall the benefits of enterprise risk management 
  • Recognize the challenges implementing enterprise management

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners of any level who play a risk management role
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