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June 23rd, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., CPE: 4.0 Tax 

"Billions of dollars in valuable credits and incentives go unclaimed every year. How much money are you and or your clients leaving on the table?" 

This hands-on, half-day learning event will provide an overview of the changes related to tax reform with a heavy emphasis on real-world case studies rather than academic theory. The focus will be primarily on changes that impact the tax incentives related to: 

• Cost segregation and tangible property regulations 

• Opportunity Zones and Like-Kind Exchanges 

• 1031 Reset election and 163(j) election 

• 179D certification for commercial and primary designers, 45L Tax Credits for residential, ASHRAE Energy Audits and HUD Green MIP Funding 

• Structuring entities and real estate elections 

• Economic incentive procurement, property tax review, and cost segregation to maximize future benefits 

• R&D tax credits in the construction and engineering design industries Additionally, panelists will wrap up the conference with a live panel discussion among the presenters and entertain any questions from the attendees. 

Why Attend?

• Learn about the challenges and discrepancies related to tax updates and changes. 

• Help clients apply property tax strategies unique to individual states. 

• Establish an understanding of the technical application through a review of practical examples. 

• Understand the impact of tax reform and the strategies available to utilize the new applications. 

• Learn the best ways to collaborate with other professionals and how to incorporate the Team Approach into your daily work routine today.

Who Should Attend?

Tax, accounting, real estate, and business professionals who are seeking strategies to mitigate taxes and maximize cash flow from their real estate assets (commercial and multi-family). Special emphasis on the needs of chief financial officers, corporate tax directors, controllers, and CPAs in industry.

Detailed Agenda:

Session 1: 8:30 – 10am

  • Hard Trends in CPA Practice Management, Real Estate and Construction. (5 mins.) - Rick Telberg, Editor in Chief | CPA Trendlines

  • Cost Segregation and Beyond With Tangible Property Regulations” (25 mins.) - Charles Duncan, Senior Technical Director, Cost Segregation & Act 179D | Source Advisors

  • Gain Deferral Strategies Using 1031 Like Kind Exchanges and Opportunity Zones” (25 mins.) - Blake Christian, CPA/MBT | Partner | HCVT, LLC.

  • Technical Reporting Requirements: 1031 Reset elections and a deeper look at reporting with 163j interest limitation, Form 3115 change of accounting method applications (10 mins.) - Brian Coddington | Director of Tax Accounting Methods & Credits | Source Advisors

  • Application of Tax Incentives for Cash Flow Related to Energy with 179D (including Primary Designers), 45L tax credits, ASHRAE audits, and Green MIP” (25 mins.) - Karen Koch, CPA, MT | Senior Director | Source Advisors and Imran Syed, P.E., LEED AP, CEM, HERS Rater | Senior Director, Energy Services | Source Advisors

Session 2: 10:15 – 12:00 pm

  • Structuring Entities and Real Estate Elections (25 mins.) - Stephen Lukinovich, CPA, PFS, CVA | Partner | MCM CPAs & Advisors, LL and Andy Ackermann, CPA, CVA | Partner |MCM CPAs & Advisors, LLP

  • Bundled planning opportunities for capital intensive companies - economic incentive procurement, property tax review, and cost segregation to maximize future benefits. (20 mins.) - Josh Malancuk, CPA, CMI | President | JM Tax Advocates and Karen Koch, CPA, MT | Senior Director Source Advisors

  • R&D Tax Credits in the Construction Industry (20 mins.) - Max Vignola, CCSP | Director of Technical Sales | Source Advisors and Alex Pak | Director | Source Advisors

  • Turnkey Case Study – with flowchart demonstrating how many of the techniques discussed today can work together (15 mins.) - Karen Koch, CPA, MT | Senior Director Source Advisors

  • Roundtable Q&A Session (25 mins.)

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