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Professional standards are changing with the times and the desire of the AICPA to move the profession into a new era where use of data analytics and artificial intelligence will play a key role in an audit. We are seeing changes already as the AICPA has recently issued standards that significantly modify the form of the independent auditor’s report. In addition, its Omnibus standard modifies several professional standards including those on related parties, consideration of fraud and the auditor’s communication to those charged with governance. The new auditing standard on employee benefit plan audits makes significant changes in the auditor’s report as well as other aspects of an employee benefit plan audit. Another revision, which has also affected the SSARs and SSAEs is a change to the definition of materiality. Other major revisions to professional standards include an updated standard on Audit Evidence and Auditing Accounting Estimates. This program will cover SASs 134 through 143. Recently issued Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS) have addressed the consideration of going concern and other significant issues (SSARS 24) and a change in the definition of materiality and changes to the review report (SSARS 25). The AICPA has also recently issued new Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements on Agreed-Upon Procedures (SSAE 19) and materiality (SSAE 20). Clearly, with regard to professional standards, the only constant is change. This course will provide both insights into the new standards including how to best implement them.

Learning Objectives

-Identify and understand the requirements of recently issued SASs and SSARS

-Develop implementation tips and best practices related to these new standards

-Implement best practices for enhancing engagement quality

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