CAS Workshop: Building and Scaling a CAS Practice
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This in-person workshop is designed for owners, managers, and accounting professionals at accounting practices to help them build a plan to successfully grow and scale their client advisory practice. Firms that successfully complete this program will begin to create an actionable plan for the coming year setting the foundation for accelerating the transformation and future growth of their CAS practice. 

This half-day, in-person workshop will cover: 

The technology, practice development and processes to scale and grow by attracting the clients you want to your practice: 

  • Identify your purpose as a firm. 
  • Understand the “Cherished Advisor” journey and the different stages of innovation for your practice.
  • Know how to create your firm’s path to specializing in vertical industries. 
  • Create a technology strategy and how to assess the right technology fit for your practice. 
  • Re-engineer your business processes and staffing to take full advantage of the technology implemented in your firm and create new ways of collaboration with your team and clients. 
  • Know how to re-tool to create a differentiated client experience, and develop the soft skills needed to build collaborative advisory relationships you desire. 
  • Create value by going beyond the numbers by telling the story behind them to help your clients make informed decisions. 
  • Become an integral part of the business's decision-making processes, in a proactive, rather than reactive way. 
  • Cultivate the skills needed to create a new client experience from onboarding to ongoing client advisory work.

Based on the work completed in the morning and afternoon sessions, attendees will:

  • Create a SWOT analysis for the areas they want to specialize.
  • Develop at least 3 actionable takeaways to begin the planning process for your CAS practice.
  • Present their plans for feedback from their peers and Amy Vetter that will help them achieve their goals for their CAS practice.
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