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Designed especially for CPAs, this class is a practical call to action that provides CPAs with the tools and inspiration they need to be better thinkers.  You’ll learn habits and strategies you can use every day to dramatically improve judgment and decision-making.  You’ll learn how to break down mental barriers and alleviate mental fatigue.  You’ll achieve new levels of mental clarity, flexibility, and resilience.  You will also benefit from better overall mental well-being and be more resistant to stress and burnout.  Attendees leave as more powerful and confident thinkers and better communicators and problem-solvers.

Major subjects:

  • Decluttering your mind for higher clarity and greater mental bandwidth
  • Strategies that transform judgment, decision-making and problem solving
  • Conducting a “thinking audit” 
  • Solving high-stakes dilemmas
  • Regulating and optimizing your mental resources

Learning objectives:  

  • Identify at least one approach to optimize mental bandwidth
  • Apply “orientation” thinking to boost judgment quality
  • Identify three micro-habits that boost thinking quality
  • Identify at least one decluttering technique to achieve mental clarity
  • Apply 3 approaches that improve objectivity and skepticism
  • Identify at least one approach to see the “deep structure” of problems
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