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Business owners, CFOs and controllers, CPAs in public companies that advise business owners on business succession planning issues, other advisors that advise business owners on business succession planning issues and CPA valuators interested in learning more about opportunities in the ESOP valuation and consulting market. In this session, Brian D. Bornino, CPA/ABV, CFA, CBA, Director of Valuation Services with GBQ Consulting, LLC, will discuss many aspects of ESOPs and the valuation of ESOP shares. Brian will discuss ESOPs in general (including a discussion of their pros and cons and the regulatory environment), provide an overview of ESOP valuations, and analyze the nuances of ESOP valuations that make them unique and challenging. You will also learn the role that CPA valuators can play in the ESOP valuation market. * Media for this course was recorded 10/21/2014. After you complete your purchase, materials and quizzes can be accessed immediately by visiting theĀ current registrations page located in the top right menu under registrations. Please download and save any materials you need for future reference. Once you complete the course, you are unable to return to the classroom. Course must be completed by successfully passing quiz prior to end date of 5/30/2018.
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