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Members on all levels will find relevance from this presentation. Whether entry level or senior partners, brand management is critical to the perception of all professionals. Join Janice Worthington, MA, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP, president, Worthington Career Services, as she defines both personal and professional branding and explains the relevance of developing and managing your brand. Lack of brand control relinquishes the impression a professional will make and the perception others will conclude. All aspects of social media may make or break a strong professional image; these are examined individually. Suggestions are offered regarding building and controlling one’s personal and professional brand using various social media platforms. * Media for this course was recorded 7/22/2014. After you complete your purchase, materials and quizzes can be accessed immediately by visiting the current registrations page located in the top right menu under registrations. Please download and save any materials you need for future reference. Once you complete the course, you are unable to return to the classroom. Course must be completed by successfully passing quiz prior to end date of 5/30/2018.
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