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It’s Time to Keep Up or Fall Behind.

Stay ahead of the technological evolution.



The 2018 Accounting Technology Conference brings together the technology, the people and the industry experts that will keep you ahead of the challenging – yet exciting! – changes that are sweeping the accounting profession.


This must-attend event combines quality learning from some of the best minds in the accounting technology space with interactive demos from cutting-edge solution providers.


Kick off the day with a general session focusing on creating a digital transformation strategy for accounting and the impact it’s having on the corporate world. Select concurrent sessions from three education tracks – Corporate Finance & Accounting, Strategic Data Analysis, and Hands-On Tutorials – and discover solutions to your biggest challenges. Wrap up what you’ve learned with a closing session on the importance of eliminating silos in your organization and how to integrate and utilize financial, operational, and strategic systems to drive crucial decision-making based on data analysis.


Industry thought leaders will share their insights and strategies during sessions and demonstrations on topics such as:


  • Discovering capabilities of artificial intelligence and how it is changing business models
  • Developing a first-rate finance and accounting value chain
  • Establishing transactional data management best practices
  • Navigating the complexities of lease accounting software and contract management
  • Implementing finance-specific data analytics tools such as Power Query for Excel and Power BI through interactive demonstrations


Network with peers and those who face the same technology hurdles as you by reserving your seat today! You’ll walk away equipped with the solutions you need to position your organization for success in the technology evolution!



Transforming finance functions takes time and commitment. Talk with event sponsors and let the experts assess your technology options and discover what is right for your business.


Thank you to our sponsors:


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