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CPAs, nonprofit leaders, finance staff and CPAs working for a nonprofit organization or serving nonprofit clients.

Not-for-profits make a difference. As a leader and a financial professional, you are instrumental in helping them make that difference.

Stay sharp with insights from not-for-profit leaders in innovation, fundraising and aligning mission, vision and messaging. Learn the areas where NFPs can get into trouble with the IRS, FASB, ERISA, health care and other regulations.

Plus, get a sneak peek at Northeast Ohio’s preparations for the Republican National Convention and how the United Way of Greater Cleveland keeps its competitive edge.

Sessions include:
  • How Will FASB’s Proposed ASU on Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Affect You?
  • Private Foundation Tax Reporting
  • How Recent IRS Initiatives Will Impact Nonprofits
  • 5 Ways To Increase Your Grant Seeking Effectiveness
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: From $0 to $25,000 Effectively
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