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Designed for - Accounting Professionals, Young Professionals, other professional organizations, in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas

In providing valuable resources to our members, it is our goal to keep our members current and up-to-date on various issues inside and outside the industry. In May, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation will conduct the semi-annual open enrollment period for MCO selection. This will impact many of your businesses as well as your clients' businesses. In this Learning Lab, OSCPA will help you navigate the overwhelming amount of marketing materials and endless statistics flooding the market to give you insight into the complexity of MCO Open Enrollment.

Come hear representatives from CompManagement Health Systems as they give clarity on issues such as:
  • What exactly is happening in the workers' comp business during open enrollment.
  • What the correct advice is for employers in how to respond to Open Enrollment Outreach of MCOs.
  • What exactly an MCO does
  • How an MCO impacts costs for employers.
  • How an employer should go about evaluating and selecting a MCO.
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