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Ensure you're keeping pace with the evolving nature of the health care industry at OSCPA’s Health Care Summit. Whether you work for or audit a health care-related organization, you’ll find quality learning relevant to your role. Hear from industry experts and practitioners on the topics that are impacting this vital industry. Can't make it in person? Tune in via webcast!

Session Titles & Descriptions:

Implications of New Payment Models: From Fee For Service to Value-Based Payments

  • Compare the structure, benefits and challenges of different value-based payment models
  • Examine the implications of achieving value-based payment target levels
  • Develop action plans to address changing payment structures

Accounting for Health Care Organizations: Implications of Pending Standard Changes

  • Appraise the impact of revenue recognition, leases and other pending standard changes on your organization
  • Identify action steps required to comply with the standards prior to their effective date
  • Develop strategies to navigate the pending financial report changes amidst regulatory changes and other risks affecting the industry

Long Term Care: What You Need to Know

  • Examine compliance concerns that affect payment
  • Discuss overpayments, paybacks and other items that are caught during audits
  • Explore common issues and errors to avoid

Navigating the Complexities of Medicare and Medicaid: What You Need to Know

  • Discuss the challenges of managing Medicare Advantage and Part D programs
  • Analyze how planned changes to Medicare program in 2018 and beyond go impact your organization
  • Examine the implications of Medicaid changes on states and health plans

Fraud, Privacy, and Risk Management Issues: How Exposed Are You?

  • Examine factors increasing organizational exposure to fraud and privacy breaches
  • Review strategies for diagnosing the current level of fraud and privacy risk within health care organizations
  • Identify strategies to address the top technology risk-management challenges plaguing health care organizations

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