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Embrace, Enrich, Excel! The OSCPA accounting shows are not simply two-day events, they set the standard for which you will measure personal and professional success throughout 2019.

We chose the theme Embrace, Enrich, Excel to reflect this goal and referred to the three Es while developing sessions and complementary resources. Embrace change, enrich your hard and soft skills, and excel well past 2019 with one of four core accounting conferences near you!

Here's what you can expect to learn:

Business Management and Organization - Learn about CRM technology solutions, the six steps needed to minimize risk and maximize valuation, and much more.

Personal Development - Infuse leadership in all levels of your organization plus identify necessary inputs to make sound decisions.

Accounting - Receive the necessary accountancy updates needed while learning about niche subject matter like NFP financial statement framework or lease considerations.

Taxes and Auditing - Level up with future of tax compliance coursework and a key legislative update with more to be announced.

Human Resources - Learn how to create a more inclusive work environment as well as the art of delegation.

Information Technology - Explore MI and AI solutions existing in Accounting and Finance, identify the new risks (and rewards) of the ever-changing and growing Internet of Things and take an in-depth look at BI Garter lead technology strengths and weaknesses.

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