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Young professionals looking to build on their business development skills, in order to bring in new business for their organization, will benefit form this interactive hands-on workshop. The workshop will be broken down into two parts.

1. Own Your Brand: Leveraging Your Career Common Cents To Cultivate and Grow Your Business

Gain insight into data collected by Tiggett Co. on self-promotion per industry, gender and generation and the impact of this in creating and cultivating ones brand and how this correlates to business development via brand.

A clear definition that leads to understanding of what branding, business development, thought leadership, newsjacking, and owned media are and how they are leveraged to create and cultivate ones brand.

Experience more confidence and comfort with self-promotion throughout interactive practice and sharing.

Discover digital media tools to assist in creating and cultivating your brand online.

Develop an outline of a content calendar and a 30-Day Marketing Plan.

Discuss next steps for continued learning and practice beyond that seminar.

2. Business Development Simplified. Make it Far More Effective, Less Intimidating, and Yes, Even Fun!

Learn the DICE method to connect with people at networking events, meetings, on the phone and in casual interactions.

Discover a powerful way to quickly gauge the needs and immediate challenges facing potential clients.

Learn how to know if, when and how to move a prospect to an actual sales opportunity, without resistance.

Transition from a sales mindset to an invite mindset to dramatically improve effectiveness.

Differentiate from the pack to increase conversion rates and retention while protecting or even raising fees.

Learn how to develop warm referrals and get your existing clients to do the selling for you.

Interactive workshop with coaching, practice and role play.

You will walk away with practical, actionable, new skills you can use immediately.

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