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As the world adjusts to life with COVID-19, many organizations, including many CPA firms, have transitioned to working remotely. During these unprecedented times, we must stay faithful to our mission of protecting the public interest. In this webcast, we will discuss temporary guidance changes that the Peer Review Board approved in April 2020, which includes performing off-site system reviews. We will also address risks associated with off-site reviews and ways to mitigate those risks to help you perform quality peer reviews during this challenging time. This webcast will also cover areas in this year’s audits that need special attention during the peer review, as they are expected to be heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking this webcast will satisfy the ongoing qualification training requirement for team captains and review captains. 

Why Attend? 

  • Recall temporary guidance approved by the Peer Review Board related to COVID-19 
  • Identify unique risks associated with performing system reviews offsite 
  • Recall best practices for effective remote communications
  • Recognize audit areas that will need additional focus during upcoming peer reviews. 

Who Should Attend? 

Peer Reviewers

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