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Information security governance is an essential part of any organization or firm's cybersecurity strategy. This course will provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain an effective framework for information security governance and recognize the policies, controls and countermeasure procedures to ensure proper control and compliance over confidentiality, availability and information. If you are seeking the CITP credential, this course provides essential competencies on the learning pathway towards understanding information security strategies to help guide and maintain access control polices and procedures in alignment with organizational objectives and compliance requirements. 

Why Attend? 

  • Recognize and differentiate information security policies and strategies to guide the development of standards and procedures, in alignment with organizational goals and objectives. 
  • Identify and analyze risk management processes and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable security, privacy laws and regulations. 
  • Identify and differentiate among the four types of access control: identification, authentication, authorization, and accountability. 
  • Identify logical and physical access controls necessary to safeguard critical systems and information pursuant to compliance requirements. 
  • Identify incident response processes for detecting and responding to security risks. 
  • Determine the proper steps to implement comprehensive business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response plans.

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