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The AICPA & CIMA and KPMG collaborated to develop the Finance Transformation Learning Program to teach you the importance of, and how to, evolve and upskill your career and finance team in today’s era of disruption in the business environment. The Manage Disruption Certificate provides the context to the accelerating evolution of finance in organizations. It focuses on why and how the business environment is changing and how the finance team can prepare for and respond to these changes. This certificate introduces key concepts that will be covered in-depth in parts two and three of the learning program, specifically covering the following: 

Disruptive factors within businesses today 

Business and industry value chains 

Emerging role of the finance function 

Changes in technology affecting finance 

New skills and competencies required within the finance function 

Why Attend?

  • Identify disruptive factors within the business environment and their impact on the finance function. 
  • Recognize how the role of finance is evolving and the resulting New skills and competencies required. 
  • Identify opportunities for your finance team to contribute to value creation for your organization. 

Who Should Attend?

  • CFOs 
  • Controllers 
  • Finance leaders 
  • Finance managers
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