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OSCPA will give you the tools to think about selling your practice, or advising clients on how to prepare to sell their businesses. What are the opportunities and tax implications? How can you have a smooth transition to new ownership and realize the gains of your years of hard work? Learn from CPAs the questions business owners ask and hear panelists frame the answers.

This event is designed for firm leaders and consultants. By attending this session you will

  • Gain information on tax implications associated with ownership transition
  • Obtain strategies and techniques for successfully transition a business

This will be a joint meeting with the Center for Free Enterprise and OSCPA!


Dan McMahon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Integrated Growth Advisors, a business growth advisory firm focused on empowering CPA firms and business owners to systematically enhance their businesses in terms of revenues, profitability, sustainability, and value. Dan’s career has consisted of 25 years in

Chicago and New England as a CPA and business advisor with focused experience on serving professional services firms.

Dan currently works to address the issues that confront the public accounting profession from the perspective of firm governance, sustainability, generational transferability and building increased equity valuation. Dan also provides mergers and acquisitions advisory services to business owners and leaders of CPA firms.

Dan has served in a variety of volunteer capacities including as a member

of the Accounting Principles Committee for the Illinois CPA Society.


John Repetti is a CPA in New York and Florida.  He is the CEO of Bestia Consulting, LLC, and the CEO of Rowdy Capital Partners, LLC.  John serves as a senior advisor to the Cooper Family Office.  He is a co-founder and partner in Blaze Staffing and Recruiting, LLC.  John is a member of the advisory board for Investors Bank, as well as for the Alliant Group, the premier specialty tax service provider in the US.  John was a founder and board member of Gold Coast Bank and former CEO of MGI Repetti, and he served as the Worldwide Chairman of MGI World, an international network of 280 accounting firms in over 80 countries. 


Joseph A. Tarasco, co-founded Accountants Advisory Group, LLC, to assist the leaders of today’s public accounting firms in structuring and managing their practices to increase profitability, maximize value, implement succession planning and achieve long-term success. Joe’s career began Big 4 accounting firm and his experience includes 15 years as the managing partner of a 125-person CPA firm based in New York City, responsible for all areas of the practice. Joe is experienced and insightful in all areas of firm practice management, including succession planning, firm governance, mergers and acquisitions, partner compensation structure, selection of new partners, practice development, and career development for partners and staff. He has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Recommended Consultants” by INSIDE Public Accounting.


OSCPA’s Executive Director of Learning, Tiffany Crosby will moderate.

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