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Now is the time to change and update your processes. Now is the time for strategy. Make sure you're prepared for 2021 with OSCPA's Strategic Finance and Accounting Virtual Conference.

Hear from thought leaders in the accounting profession and business industry. These speakers have been going through the same rigorous personal and professional changes as you have in the past year. Learn their secrets to success, sharpen your skills and stay competitive in the months to come.

We'll cover the following topics and more!

Enterprise Risk Management in a Pandemic Environment

COVID-19 stressed organization’s risk management processes to the breaking point. Resilient organizations need to understand how stress can act cumulatively across an organization. This session will provide a high-level look at key stress factors and how to integrate within an ERM approach. This session will also set the stage for the sessions that follow as deep-dives into specific ERM challenges are addressed.

Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

As companies navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there are a number of key issues corporate leaders should be thinking about, as well as steps they can take to not only react to severe business shocks now, but also reshape their business and plan for recovery.

Supply Chain Risk Management

The COVID-19 environment has exposed the supply chain vulnerabilities of many organizations, especially those who rely on a single supplier or region to fulfil their need for raw materials or finished products.

Operational Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

With COVID-19, prior budgets and actuals are insufficient forecasting tools. Finance must shift to be more forward-looking to enable a business to pivot in the new normal and be more proactive. How do you budget for the unknown? How do you strategically plan for a shifting tax landscape? Are budgets and forecasts passe?

Managing a Remote Finance and Accounting Team

Almost overnight, enterprises worldwide were in shut-down situations where workers had to shelter and work from home. Companies experienced cybersecurity stressors across multiple dimensions, including "Bring Your Own Device" Explosion, secure remote access, insecure "ad hoc" processes, and insider threats. Now, finance and accounting leaders need to prepare their teams and organizations for the post-COVID19 environment where remote, office, and hybrid working arrangements will continue to stress operational risk management.

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