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Time: 8:00 am  - 4:20 pm Credit: MU 8   

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the preparation of employee benefit plan financial statements. Remote work, economic fallout, and plan changes resulting from the CARES Act are among the top issues we’ll explore at the 2021 EBPA Virtual Conference.


We miss gathering in person, but we are fostering an exciting virtual conference environment until then. Join us online to grow your knowledge and expand your understanding of employee benefit plan audits in the time of COVID-19.


Join us and national thought leaders, including a Marcus Aron, CPA, U.S. Department of Labor and Carl Mayes, Associate Director of CPA Quality & Evolution for AICPA. Catch their insights as you engage in interactive learning, a lunchtime session with a brief quality-center update, an ask-the-experts panel, and much more!


New to employee benefit plan audits? Tune in to the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Bootcamp to get hands-on experience with your peers and work through real examples to apply auditing guidance.


Sessions include:

The Current State and Future Direction of Employee Benefit Plan Audits

 Marcus Aron CPA, Senior Auditor, U.S. Department of Labor

  • Discuss results of 2019 plan audits and similarities to 2018.
  • Examine benefit plan challenges that occurred in 2020.
  • Explore what’s on the horizon for benefit plans in 2021 and methods for improving plan administration and operations.

Accounting and Auditing Update

Kimberly Veal, CPA, Supervisor, Rea & Associates

  • Summarize the implications of SAS136 on employee benefit audits.
  • Unpack disclosure requirements associated with the SECURE ACT and CARES Act.
  • Assess implications for defined benefit plan audits.

Risk Assessment, Part I and Part II

Carl Mayes, CPA, Associate Director - CPA Quality and Evolution, AICPA and Debbie Smith, CPA, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP and AICPA EBPA Audit Quality Center Committee Chair

  • Understand how EBP audit risk assessments have been impacted by the pandemic.
  • Learn about areas of heightened risk and common misconceptions detected through peer review.
  • Analyze the linkage between the auditor’s risk assessment and their response.
  • Review practical examples illustrating how to apply the risk assessment standards in an EBP audit.
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