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From broad concepts to application-based discussions of topics, this program provides you with the comprehensive coverage needed to be a well-rounded audit professional.

Audit Staff Essentials Level 4 covers best practices and information on increasingly advanced audit topics. This course spotlights complex topics like pensions, equity, income taxes and leases, and using a service organization. You’ll also get guidance on concluding the audit, such as finalizing the audit file and auditor reporting.

  •  Apply the key skills related to engagement management and supervision.
  • Apply the procedures needed in increasingly complex audit and accounting areas.
  • Identify the considerations for proper financial reporting, including financial statement preparation.
  • Identify the components of an auditor's report and under which circumstances modifications will be made.

AICPA is the sponsor of record for any CPE earned for this product.  You will not see CPE earned from this product in your OSCPA transcript unless you add it manually by using the external training feature.

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